Eclipse Activities and Projects

ScopeSET is presently engaged in different Eclipse Modeling Projects:

  • Virtual Spacecraft Design (VSD)
    In this project, ScopeSET developed a complete MBSE environment for the European Space Agency. ScopeSET is also the maintainer of the overall VSD project site and maintenance activities.
  • Verde
    Part of this project was the integration of a Modelica based analysis into an MBSE tool – VSD was chosen as an example implementation.
  • DataModel Editor
    As a spin-off of VSD, the objective is to develop a modeling environment for conceptual datamodels by leveraging the basic framework functions of VSD. These datamodels are then turned into end-user tools by applying a set of transformations and code generators.
  • Functional System Simulation
    This ongoing project is about the mapping and transformation of parameters between a system and a simulation model. The work is done jointly with EADS Astrium.