OpenAmeos 10.2 Release

After admittedly a while later as anticipated, we can finally release the next binary distribution of OpenAmeos. The primary new features in this release are

  • Unicode support
  • SQLite as single-user database engine
  • Profiles in the ACD metamodel
  • Improved JSPWiki generation and integration

The reason why it took so long, were primarily plenty of regressions caused by the switch to Unicode – because of this, any system which was created before 10.2 also needs to be migrated. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the impact of switching to Unicode, it is presently not possible to run both 9.x and 10.2 installations on the same database server. The upcoming 9.5 maintenance release will however fix this problem.

Special thanks for their help with Unicode goes to our partner Triad !

SQLite allows to run OpenAmeos on a Linux box without having to install Sybase. The installer is not perfect yet, if you don’t have Sybase, simply leave the relevant fields in the installer screens empty. All example models (both on Windows and Linux) have been converted to SQLite. Furthermore, the SQLite engine is in most cases significantly faster than MS-Jet, in particular for code generation purposes. But SQlite is a single-user engine, we keep on trying to find ways to get some funding for a port to PostgreSQL.

Since we needed profile support in the UML model exports which we use for the VSD project, we added them to the ACD metamodel and the related Ecore and XMI export templates. This might be useful for other purposes, too.

Last but not least, we also extended the JSPWiki generation and integration:

  • the diagrams which appear in the Wiki are now SVGs and navigable
  • re-generating a wiki will create JSPWiki versions, i.e. any changed pages will appear as new versions in JSPWiki and its change log
  • exported wikis can optionally be imported into CodeBeamer, for details, please contact support.

We’ve prepared a more detailed article how to work with this feature.