OpenAmeos is the open source version of the Ameos UML modeling product.

Through UML Profiles support, OpenAmeos offers an easy way to extend standard UML notation and to adapt it to project-specific needs. UML 2.0 describes Profiles and defines how to model them in UML notation. The OpenAmeos Profile Editor allows stereotypes and tagged values to be defined and assigned to model elements of the UML Metamodel, ensuring that profiles are well designed, documented and easy to use for the entire project team.
OpenAmeos also implements a transformation engine based on model-driven architecture (MDA), an OMG initiative designed to separate the technical aspects from the domain aspects of UML models. By creating a Platform Independent Model (PIM), the model’s level of abstraction increases and dependency on the target platform is reduced. By model transformation, the PIM is then transferred into a Platform Specific Model (PSM) that contains the technical details. With these features, design time is reduced as the model process is able to mature to a greater level prior to implementing target-specific detail.

OpenAmeos will be maintained by ScopeSET. Installation support will be provided free of charge by ScopeSET via email. Any support beyond installation is provided by ScopeSET based on a maintenance contract.

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