As the tools experts, ScopeSET provides professional services for customizing commercial and open source product to client specific needs. This also includes the integration of tools for Requirements Engineering and general analysis and design by providing cross-tool control integration (navigation, remote invocation and overall automation) and data integration.

As pioneers in OMGs Model Driven Architecture, the founders of ScopeSET focus on using the MDA approach in a bootstrap fashion to build the necessary modeling frontend(s) as well as the generation backend(s), ultimately providing a highly service oriented tool environment Relying on existing Eclipse concepts and building blocks like GMF, we call this approach “Model Driven Tooling” (MDT).

MDT is a natural evolution of concepts used in earlier tools like OpenAmeos or ACD and provides a very flexible and open technique which will allow us and our clients to implement project specific (and ultimately more competitive) solutions in an efficient way.

In parallel, we provide services, maintenance and support for the StP and OpenAmeos tool suites.