Welcome at ScopeSET

ScopeSET is a software and systems engineering service and solution provider for customers in the technical software market, with a clear focus on the automotive and aerospace industry.

We provide

  • Tool support tailored to your specific development process
  • Professional technical support for the engaged development tools
  • Advice for the selection of software engineering tools

We cover the full Lifecycle with Requirements Engineering, Analysis and Design, Document generation, code transformation and automated model based testing. The founding team of ScopeSET has gained extensive know-how in this environment and has spent ~ 30 man years of developing, selling and supporting solutions into this market space. All services are based on a specific approach developed by ScopeSET named Model Driven Tooling (MDT). Model Driven Architecture (MDA) concepts like higher levels of abstraction, automation and model transformation are used within MDT to setup the required tool support. Solutions developed with MDT will greatly increase productivity by means of tailoring and automation without being tied to a specific tool vendor.

While we take care of your tools, you can focus on the project domain.