In addition to customer specific task we’re currently working in the following research projects:

Functional System Simulation

Virtual Spacecraft Design (VSD) is a project within the European Space Agency’s Technology Research Program.

The  objective  of  this  activity  is  to  define,  prototype  and  demonstrate  a  simulation
environment  /  toolchain  which  allows  building  and  configuring  a  system  simulator  with engineering  information  coming  from  the  system  engineering  data  repository. ScopeSET’s responsibilities include the implementation of the required editors and transformations which will build upon the framework and tooling as established in the VSD project.

Virtual Spacecraft Design

Virtual Spacecraft Design (VSD) is a project within the European Space Agency’s Technology Research Program.

The study, led by EADS Astrium, started in 2005 with the objective to analyze and improve the current spacecraft system level system engineering process. Its goal is the consistent application of model-based techniques, in order to have an improved virtual representation of a spacecraft.ScopeSET will build the MBSE tools and related services. The new tool-set will allow the consistent definition of a spacecraft system level design, covering requirements, functional architecture, physical architecture, AIT and verification definition. All tools will be based on Eclipse and the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF).


Validation-driven design for component-based architectures (VERDE) is an ITEA research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The growing complexity of software intensive, real-time embedded systems combined with constant quality and time to market constraints creates new challenges for engineering practices. In the development process for these kind of systems validation and verification mostly starts when implementation and integration is completed. Problems found at this point in the development process are often difficult and expensive to fix.

VERDE is promoting a more iterative and incremental approach to software development with a clear focus on model driven validation and model driven verification.

Building on the experience and the results from other European research projects, and with a strong partnership between major corporations, SME, and academics from different European countries (France, Germany, and Norway), the VERDE project will result in a novel approach that is ready for large-scale deployment in various industries.

ScopeSET participates in the automotive and the space use case to validate the VERDE results. In the space use case a SysML design model is transformed into a ModelicaML analysis model which is then transformed into Modelica code. The Modelica code is then simulated in a Modelica environment and the simulation results are traced back to the design model.