We provide consulting along the lifecycle of model based development and data visualization, including model to model and model to code transformations primarily for the Eclipse framework.

Selected reference projects:

  • ECSS E/TM 10-23 standardization
  • ESA’s New Modeling Methods in Simulation, Verification and Validation
  • EGS-CC DataModeling
  • Enterprise Business Process Modeling with Airbus

Key components for all solutions is our in-depth knowledge of various modeling techniques and methods (UML, SysML, FBM/ORM, OWL) as well as various aerospace standards, such as those developed by ECSS. Typically, these need to be transformed for consumption in a code generation framework, as early adopters of MDA since more than 20 years, we are well versed in the related approaches and technologies.

With the continuing digitalization and more and more data being available for further exploitation, we are in the progress of designing solutions for efficient management, visualization and analytics of that data. Alongside, we are proficient in technologies such as RDF/triple stores, Graph Databases such as Neo4J, key/value stores etc.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence will play a key role not only in embedded/realtime systems but as supporting technology in software and systems engineering as well, so we are expanding our portfolio in that direction, too.